Audible Japan
Whisper with Koji Higashino

Audible Japan was looking for a novel way to communicate what an audio book is. The digital campaign featured one of the most popular comedians in Japan Koji Higashino literally listening to books. This idea was effective only because a comedian was the centrepiece of the story. Direction (performance and setting of location and light) was a fine balance between communicating Audible’s clean, professional image and an exaggerated but not over-the-top performance from Higashino-san.

My role in the project started in development and ended in the delivery. During the development phase, I worked with creatives in brainstorming and pitching ideas to the client. Once the ideas were refined and approved, I made the storyboards and wrote the copy. In the production phase, as a director and producer, we employed a production company to manifest the idea and delivered the creative. 

Credits //

Featuring | Koji Higashino (東野幸治)
Talent Agency | Yoshimoto 

Client | Audible Japan
Audible Japan Marketing Director | Chris Gross
Audible Japan Brand and Communications Manager | Makoto Oda
Audible Japan Producer | Kayoko Kinjo

Co-Creative Director, Director, Producer & Writer | Tak Nakano
Digital Agency | Helix
Agency Co-Creative Director | Kim Janson
Creative Consultants |Pablo Yano, Dillon Liu
Copy Writer |
Yuka Annen
Production Company | Toboggan
Executive Producer | Asako Satomi
Producer | So Matsufuji
Head of Department Production Manager | Hayato Kubo, Hiromi Sato
Director of Photography | Yohei Tateishi
Gaffer | Takeshi Tomasu
Art Director | Harkuka Kumeno
Stylist | Renji
Casting | Skaly
Editor | Tak Nakano
Colourist | Max Golomidov (Digital Garden)
Sound Design/Mix | Murai Hiroshi (Muse Crea)