Ambassadors: Anytime, Anywhere

Audible Japan was looking for a fresh approach to communicate the functional benefits of using Audible on the phone. 

At the time, audio books were still very new to the Japanese market. The biggest functional message Audible wanted to emphasize was that users were able to listen to audio books on their phone anytime, anywhere.

As such, the commercial shows three Japanese celebrities, Kanako Murakami (professional figure skater), Hideki Yashiro (lawyer) and Tomori Arata (doctor) listening to Audible in various day-to-day situations. 

The situations were performed in a revolving playful set with the help of Japanese stage-hands (“kuromaku”). Each celebrity performed their three scenes live. In order to make the transition smooth yet dynamic and quick, every movement including talents and kuromaku were choreographed. The only VFX used in post-production were in the transitions from one talent to another. This was done intentionally: the live video production gives momentum to the whole commercial and as a metaphor, listening to Audible excites listeners.

My role in the project started in development and ended in the delivery. During the development phase, I pitched numerous ideas that fit the client strategies to the client marketing director. Once the ideas were refined and approved, I worked with the client creative director to further consolidate the idea and wrote the copy. In the production phase, I worked with the client creative director and producer. As a director and producer, I employed a production company to manifest and deliver the creative. 

Credits //

Featuring | Kanako Murakami, Hideki Yashiro, Tomori Arata

Client | Audible Japan
Audible Japan Marketing Director | Chris Gross
Audible Japan Creative Director | Hiroto Yoshimori
Audible Japan Producer | Kayoko Kinjo

Creative, Director, Producer & Writer | Tak Nakano
Production Company | Armz
Producer | Takamasa Araki
Producer | Gota Amano
Production Manager | Hibiki Kokai
Director of Photography | Yoshinobu Nakamori
Editor | Tak Nakano
VFX | Gary Yeung
VFX Consultants | Gary Yeung, Paul Courtney, Ant Hayes
Colourist | Jaclyn Paterson
Sound Design/Mix | Serge Stanley